For people living the sea

Reliability & Safety

We have always built reliable and safe boats for those who have in the sea their own reason for life.

People entrusting our boats can rely on a proven building philosophy, on the best materials, on a continuous search for the best equipment solutions, so as to respond promptly to the challenges that the sea has always proposed.

Strong in this great competence in the workboats sector that has seen us collaborating with

dozens of realities that operate in the ports of the Mediterranean and not only, we have decided to address ourselves to a new clientele that is that of pleasure crafts, certain to offer an effective and reliable product, prioritising safety and comfort.

Roots in the territory,
looking towards the sea


The first pleasure and workboats were already built by the Gallesi brothers at the beginning of the 60’ in Vada, in the province of Livorno, in a building situated next to the Tripesce torrent from which the brand took over its name.

With little available, a lot of creativity and passion, the founders built the first motor pleasure and work boats, in glass reinforced plastic, thus beginning the specific activity which still today represents our boats.

Present and Future

Towards new challenges

In the new setting of Pisa, we have broadened our range of action: from building, to refitting, to storage, to aftersales support, placing ourselves in a new industry reality which projects us towards new productive and market targets.

Today, we can boost, besides our know how, also an advanced research and development sector able to provide our customers with a superlative consulting level.

Cantiere Tripesce