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TR 29

TR 29 is Tripesce fishing boat par excellence!

The boat is slightly less than 9 meters long and 3.35 meters wide with 1-meter draft; the sump has large size of about 13 sq. m and it is completely free at the same level without any obstacles or hindrances for the work area.

The cabin has a modular structure meaning that it can be placed both in the middle of the boat and completely on the right or on the left without any differences, so as to create  a wide passage to the bow for the operators and for assembling the lateral trawl winch.
Berth and toilet may be recreated belowdecks.

The semi-displacing underbody, the central gyrofin in the keel and the stern with square board allow an excellent navigation and a perfect seaworthiness.

A hold for storing the catch my be arranged in the middle of the boat. The hold may have an expandable volume of about 3 cu. m.

Since the beginning the TR 29 has been designed for tourist fishing: the technical characteristics and the analysis of the spaces on board allow the TR 29 to be the best boat for those who practice tourist fishing, thanks to the possibility of being equipped as required by those who buy it and to its comfortable hospitality for the Customers on board.
Like all our boats, also the TR 29 may be equipped as required for any professional service.

Length overall: 8,85 m
Beam maximum: 3,35 m
Draft: 1,00 m
Displacement (dry): 6.000 kg
Standard motorization: 1 x FPT 230 cv

2 x FPT 125 cv

Engine power range installable: 220 – 700 cv
Hull type: Semi – dislocante
Stern type: Quadra
Bow type: Slanciata/Arrotondata
Construction material: VTR / GRP
Tonnage (fishing): GT 2
Approval: RINA o Bureau Veritas