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Hippy 20

The 6-meter long boat is the smallest of the range: its strengths are its agility and easy handling in any condition and manoeuver.
Thanks to its small size it is suitable mainly to perform the following services:

a) anti-pollution, to tow floating breakdowns and clean bodies of water from solid and liquid waste;
b) mooring, to work in harbour docks or in very small marine areas;
c) boat service, as tender on mother-ship to transport the crews ashore.

The semi-displacing underbody allows an excellent seaworthiness and at the same time the achievement of high speeds: it has a central fin in the keel containing the tube of the transmission axis assuring an excellent stability of the boat. The perimetral fenders made of reinforced black rubber allow to easily deaden hauling and blows, even strong ones.
A small cockpit can also be installed upon request..


Length overall: 6,00 m
Beam maximum: 2,55 m
Draft: 0,65 m
Displacement (dry): 1.900 kg
Standard motorization: 1 x FPT 85 cv
Engine power range installable: 40 – 150 cv
Hull type: Semi – dislocante
Stern type: Tonda
Bow type: Arrotondata
Construction material: VTR / GRP
Tonnage (fishing): GT 1
Approval: RINA o Bureau Veritas